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7th Grade Science Studies Cell Membranes

Students in Mrs. Kirtland's science class studied the structure and function of cell parts. They did a week long activity using an egg. Students measured the mass and circumference of the egg daily. They changed liquids out each day to show the students how the liquid moves through the cell membrane of the egg. We used vinegar, corn syrup and distilled water. The students experienced firsthand how the cell membrane of the egg functions. They had a great time with the lab.
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Hoop Gliders

Hoop Gliders were whirling through the air, today, at FMS! Mrs. Brock’s Science students made gliders out of straws and index cards, and, then, determined how structural variables affected their speed. Students had fun making, measuring, timing and running after their gliders!
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Making Scatterplots

8th grade Advanced Math classes are using common items to collect data to make predictions on how far objects will roll. They are working in groups and will make scatter plot graphs to prove their hypotheses.
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I Need My Monster Comes to Life

I Need My Monster, by Amanda Noll, is being brought to life by Ms. De La Garza’s ELAR classes! Students read the book and then the teachers transformed it into a play for their unit on drama. Students were able to perform the play this morning for one another! At FMS, learning is active!
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Career Portals Classes Get High School Welding Demonstration

8th grade students in Mr. Hineman and Mrs. DaLuz's Career Portals classes get a demonstration of the Business and Industry Pathway in preparation for their high school career. Mr. Ellison and Mr. Rogers, welding instructors from Floresville High School brought some of the students and equipment to show these middle schoolers what it's all about.
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American Revolution Sensory Figures

Students in Mrs. Poth’s FMS 8th grade US History classes are beginning to study the American Revolution by learning about the people who were important to it. Students were given a person to draw and guidelines to tell a little bit about how that person might feel. The drawings are called Sensory Figures and help students gain a deeper understanding of the thoughts and concerns of the people of the time
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